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Investment Objective

The investment objective of The Texas Fund (the “Fund”) is long-term capital appreciation. The Fund is an equity fund.

Principal Investment Strategy

The Fund’s principal investment strategy is to invest at least 80% of its assets, less any borrowing for investment purposes, in the common stock of companies either (i) headquartered in Texas based on information provided by Morningstar, Inc., (ii) organized under the laws of Texas, or (iii) that, during the most recent fiscal year, derived at least 50% of its revenues or profits from goods produced or sold, investments made, or services performed in Texas or that have at least 50% of its assets in Texas. In determining whether a company meets this condition, the Sub-Adviser may rely on such information and sources as the Sub-Adviser deems reasonable and appropriate.

The Fund will be invested across a broad market capitalization spectrum, including small, mid and large capitalization companies. The Sub-Adviser typically selects companies in which to invest by performing an initial market capitalization screening of $1,000,000,000 or more. The Sub-Adviser controls for Fund risks by performing fundamental analyses of the initially screened companies. The Sub-Adviser analyzes factors such as financial conditions, industry position, and market and economic conditions and trends to select investments and make buy and sell decisions. Once the Sub-Adviser selects companies in which to invest, the Sub-Adviser initially equally weights the companies within each sector. The Sub-Adviser does not equally weight each sector within the Fund.

The Fund will not invest 25% or more of its assets in any industry or group of related industries. However, the Fund does intend to have a high level of investments in the oil and gas industry due to the Fund’s management team’s belief that such industry has superior growth opportunities. Except as otherwise permitted by the Fund’s non-fundamental policies, any concentration in a specific sector or industry will be under this 25% concentration threshold.

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