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Investment Objective

The investment objective of the Smart Diversification Fund (the “Fund”) is total return through a combination of capital appreciation and income.

Principal Investment Strategy

The Fund seeks to meet its investment objective by investing under normal market conditions at least 80% of its assets (defined as net assets plus any borrowing for investment purposes) measured at the time of purchase, in exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”) that invest in domestic and foreign (i) equity securities of all market capitalizations, (ii) fixed-income securities of any credit quality, (iii) commodities (e.g., gold), (iv) real estate investment trusts (“REITs”) and (iv) cash or cash equivalents. The foreign securities held by the underlying ETFs may include those in emerging markets. While the percentage invested in each asset class will change over time, the Fund invests primarily in equity securities and fixed income securities. The Fund may invest in fixed income securities of any credit quality (including high yield or “junk” bonds) and any maturity duration.

Luken Investment Analytics, LLC, the Fund’s investment sub-adviser, uses the Smart Diversification® strategy, which is based on a proprietary quantitative model that uses trend analysis with a risk-management overlay to analyze each of the portfolio’s fixed income, equities, cash or cash equivalent, and commodities or REIT, asset classes in the portfolio. The model uses trend, strength, and risk indicators to determine the weighting of each asset class held in the portfolio. The Adviser ranks each investment type (asset class) using a proprietary system which considers medium to long-term price trends ranging from a few weeks (short-term) to several months (long-term). If equity markets are trending upward for the applicable period, assets are allocated into equity investments according to the proprietary model’s rules; and if equities are trending downward, the assets are primarily invested in fixed income securities, cash or alternatives as dictated by the applicable model. These decisions are made by pre-set rules. Proprietary indicators are used for strength and risk and may affect the portfolio’s asset class weightings.

The sub-adviser anticipates rebalancing the Fund’s portfolio based upon the sub-adviser’s proprietary indicators. A consequence of the Sub-adviser’s strategy, under certain market conditions, is high turnover. During protracted economic downturns, the sub-adviser may utilize defensive positioning, by increasing portfolio allocations to cash, fixed-income ETFs and alternative/specialty ETFs. Alternative or specialty ETFs are selected to provide positive returns and diversification. These may include ETFs linked to commodities, gold and managed futures. A consequence of the Sub-adviser’s strategy, under certain market conditions, is high turnover. The Sub-adviser sees active trading as necessary to address market disturbances, volatility and the like.

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